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    I left Argentina for a writing job with Google in California

    The short version of this story is, I thought it was pretty cool to land a writing job with Google, who would turn down such an amazing opportunity?! Read on for more details.

    I was in Argentina

    What was I doing in Argentina you ask? Well, I was one of those people who quit their job and decided to travel around the world with other adventurous professionals. After 8 months of visiting about a dozen countries in Europe and Asia, I started my South America journey in Argentina. The country had me at hello and I didn’t want to leave. However, money was running low.

    Ran out of money

    I know digital nomadness is simultaneously catapulting and crushing wanderlust dreamers everywhere. It works out for some and those are the stories we salivate over all the time. For the rest of us, especially those of us who like to make good money, freelancing doesn’t always cut it. So I needed to do something. I was ready to return back to the US, but figured I should try living in California instead of going back to DC where I resided for 10 years.

    Executed my tried-and-true job search strategy

    I worked magic on my resume, professional profiles, and portfolio. In record time, recruiters were emailing me and calling my Skype phone number on a daily basis with a ton of cool opportunities to consider. When a recruiter told me she had 2 opportunities available at Google, I was excited! I took the test and was invited for a Google Hangout interview. I took the subway and made my way to the Urban Metro Microcentro coworking space in my favorite top and did my best to impress the managers I would be working with. About 2 weeks later, I got the contract!

    Booked a flight, an Airbnb, and got to work

    With only my suitcase in tow and my emotions balled up on my tummy, I arrived at the airport not wanting to get on the plane. Argentina did cry for me and I for it. It was really hard to leave; Even though I was only there for 2 months, it felt like home. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I was happy. Way too many hours later, I finally arrived in Silicon Valley on April 2nd to my overpriced Airbnb that Visa paid for. I showed up for work on April 4th.

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